Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Curb appeal

Has your home lost its curb appeal? Whether you’ve just moved in, are ready to sell your home or simply want to feel a real sense of welcoming and pride as you pull in the driveway, ramping up your home’s curb appeal is one of the best investments you can make in your home’s value and your own peace of mind. Take a drive through your neighborhood and adjoining neighborhoods, or better yet, walk, and take note of the homes that appear welcoming. What sets them apart? Follow these recommendations from the real estate professionals and after a few short weekends, lots of manual labor and a few trips to the home improvement store, you can bring back your home’s curb appeal. There’s no time better than today to make a plan and get started.

Step across the street from your home and take a critical look. Take notes on any deferred maintenance items.  Look closely at the landscaping and hardscaping surrounding your home. Make a plan and a budget based on your observations and lists. Plan to tackle the landscaping first followed by maintenance and finally updating.

All of the shrubbery surrounding your home should be trimmed below the height of the windows and away from walkways and the driveway. This will increase visibility of your home from the street and allow the natural sunlight to enter your home. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and have your lawn mower serviced and install new tires from the trusty people at Tirebuyer. Mow the lawn and re-edge the beds as needed. Apply fresh pine straw or pine bark where necessary. All tree branches should be trimmed at least ten feet above the ground to allow ease of passage and sunlight for grass growth. Power-wash the driveway and walkways as needed. Select an area by the driveway or mail box to establish a bed of fresh seasonal annual plantings. The color will draw the eye and add to the curb appeal.

Address any deferred maintenance issues with the gutters, windows and shutters. Either replace them or repair them. Select a color for the front door and shutters that compliments the exist shade on the exterior of the home. If you’re having difficulties selecting a paint color, remind yourself that selecting a baby’s name is a big deal, selecting a $25 gallon of paint should not be. Replace or repair screen door as needed. Update the porch lighting and mailbox as well as the house numbers.  Replace the welcome mat and add a large planter of seasonal annual plants adjacent to the front door.

Step back and admire your work. In just a few short weekends you’ve no doubt managed to transform your curb appeal from bland to very welcoming. Congratulate yourself on a job well done. Keep up with the maintenance and you can enjoy a welcoming curb appeal for years to come.